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Custom Logo Apparel is our specialty at Contractor’s Clothing.
Promote your company and advertise with custom embroidery or screenpriting today.

Customize polos, t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets and more with your logo or image.
Use them as uniforms for your staff or give custom apparel to your customers as presents.
The possibilities are endless!

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The Embroidery Process with your logo

First fill out an Embroidery Request From

We can read most formats, but jpg or pdf files work the best. If you don't have it in one of these formats, send us what you have and we will do our best to make it work.

color Choice

If you know the PMS colors that make up your logo, great! That helps us a great deal. We will try our best to make a PMS match.
Keep in mind, when comparing thread to ink there may be some variances. Many people also ask us about use of colors.
In the case where you desire the logo to be more subtle, you may choose a tone-on-tone effect for your embroidery.
That is were the thread color used on the embroidered logo closely matches the garment color. The effect is subtle and classy.


Digitizing is the process by which we tell our computerized embroidery machines where to sew each stitch in order to recreate a logo on a garment.
When a logo is digitized, our experts use a computer program to accurately convert your logo into a system of stitches that the embroidery machine can read.

Recreating an image with needles and threads is different than printing it with ink on paper.
We work very hard to make sure your logo looks just as it does on paper. However, because thread and material
are less precise than ink on paper, some variations may be required.
However, you will approve the image before it goes into production.

Logo size once embroidered

Maximum embroidery sizes are 4” high x 3.5” wide for a left chest and
2.5” high and 5.0” wide for a cap. Most embroidered logos fall within these size ranges.
We will size your design appropriately based on our experience. Sometimes this can
present a problem with small text; if so, you will be consulted before production begins.
The size of many designs is dictated by the smallest text in the design.

Small Text

The smallest text we can embroider with any accuracy is about .25” tall.
We can make adjustments to your logo design to compensate for slight variations.


A vast majority of logos are embroidered on the left chest of the garment.
However, other locations are gaining in popularity such as the
left sleeve, cuff, lower sleeve or the yoke (on the back under the collar).
We will discuss and confirm logo placement with you during the acknowledgement process.


After we have your logo digitized, we will send you a picture of it for your approval.
We will not begin production until we have your approval. That way you will know
exactly what you are getting when your logo apparel arrives - no surprises.

Ordering Process

Our embroidery lead time is 10 to 15 working days during the
months of February through September, and November
to January at this time we are 24 to 30 working days.

Screen printing, 10 working days

1. Select the items you want embroidered. Take
note of the product code and color of the item.

2.Place your order over the phone or online via email or our webform.

a. Phone: Call us at 1-800-383-1117

b.Online: Fill out our online form here.

3. Submit your logo by sending the image file to us at

a. We can read most image files, but .tiff, .jpg, and .eps files work best.

4.Receive Order Confirmation

5. Approve Logo Proof – a digital photo of your converted,
embroidered logo will be emailed to you for final confirmation.

6. Credit Card is charged for the agreed upon price.

7. We complete the customization for your order.

8. Your order is shipped from our embroidery shop in
Madison Heights, Michigan. Shipping times depend on destination and method.

Quantity Discounts

Our quantity discounts are based on the number of pieces in your order. Our discount
includes shirts, hats and/or jackets. They are all included towards the quantity discount.


Embroidered items can be returned if the item is defective. In such cases, Contractor’s Clothing
will replace the item at no cost.
If you have any problems with products, you must notify us within 7 days of receipt of the order.

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