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Custom Embroidery Pricing

> What is the embroidered logo set-up fee?

In order to transform your logo from a graphic image to an embroidered image, we must first take it through a set-up process to convert it into an image that can be created by the embroidery machines. Once we have done this set-up process, we will not have to do it again for future orders as long as the logo has not changed.

The one-time cost for this process is:

Number of StitchesPrice
Up to 6,000$60
6,001 to 12,000$90
12,001 to 20,000$120
More than 20,000Requires custom quote.

With an initial order of 65 pieces or more digitizing is FREE for the first 6,000-stitch logo. ($60.00 Maximum Savings)

> What if I want another logo embroidered on an item?

There is an additional fee for embroidered second locations. If you want a second location embroidered the cost is based on the quantity as follows:

Order QuantityCost/Additional Logo
1 - 48$5/each
49 - 96$4/each
97 - 144$3.50/each
145 - 288$3/each
288+Custom Quote

Additional logos are subject to the set-up charge of $65. If the second location is text such as a tagline or url, there is no set-up charge.

> What if the items I ordered need different colors for the embroidery?

There is no charge for changing colors of the logo to fit the item color. We do this everyday and on most orders.

> Can I get my items personalized with names?

Yes, Pricing is as follows:

Number of LinesCost/Item
1 Line Name$5
2 Line Name$9

Contact us at or 1.800.383.1117 for personalization options.

> Do you require a minimum order?

No, but the more embroidered items you purchase, the more you save.